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Prado Valladares develops projects in this segment always attentive to the challenge of implementing urban mobility systems that ensure healthy living conditions to citizens and avoid the enormous waste caused by jams in urban circulation by suggesting highly modern and effective means of public transportation at affordable cost.

These are its main projects:
In 1978, the Liberdade and Calçada Inclined Plane project in Salvador – state of Bahia, and a recently developed eco-efficient system for mobility and transportation on elevated railroads named TRI-VIA to the city of Salvador, state of Bahia and the city of Luanda, in Angola.

Express Tri-Via - Luanda (Angola)

Chaos, immobility and dysfunction due to unplanned growth. These three items prevent citizens to move both effectively and peacefully. That is, the current model of accessibility in Luanda needs to change urgently. This situation is aggravated when we take into account the reduction and absence of means of public transportation.

 This project aims to bring a better use of the city through studies and strategic implementations. They are: urbanization policy in three distinct areas (Downtown: rehabilitation and renovation; Musseques and Peri-Urban Area: redevelopment and land regularization; and Urban Zone: early urbanization), New Expansion (NEW CITY), recovery and preservation of public areas, ensuring equity in public transportation to promote accessibility in a sustainable way through the Transportation Master Plan, as well as implementation of existing legal instruments (Land Law, Planning Law, Environmental Law, Public Safety Elements), elevation of railroads, among other processes.

 Therefore, the Tri-Via proposition is that solutions created will allow the preservation of the city’s remaining green areas and the creation of new public areas for the people, in addition to eradicating chaos, immobility and dysfunction.

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