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Who We Are

An important player in the fields of Architecture and Urban Planning, Urban Mobility, Property Development and Logistics, Prado Valladares was founded in 1978 in Brazil, by the brilliant and award-winning architects, Luiza and Lourenço do Prado Valladares, and expanded its business segments to Angola in 1997.

By putting to practice the concepts of “what to do” (Design), “how to do it” (Management) and “make it happen” (Achievement), the company is in constant search for new technologies and methodologies in the urban development field, and today is a national and international reference.

Throughout time, Prado Valladares has contributed both actively and positively to architectural projects, urban planning, real estate projects, logistics and even in urban reconstruction of Luanda, always using creativity, innovation and ceaselessly searching for excellent results.

Recognized in the market throughout the years, Prado Valladares has been awarded several times, among which we can mention: the Bienal Prize in Buenos Aires, in the "Dream Home" construction of Luiza Valladares and Lourenço Valladares (1994), the UN international award for the Luanda Sul Self-Funded Pilot Program (2000), the IAB (Brazilian Architects Institute) Award by the Busca Vida Condominium Master Plan (2001) and Entrepreneur of the Year by AEBRAN (Brazilian Businesspeople Association in Angola) in the High Impact Business category (2013).

Prado Valladares is proud of the work done, the seriousness towards the clients we serve, who justify our existence, and the company's commitment to the development of the countries where it operates.

Mission and Values

Prado Valladares is committed to ethics, discipline and working with partners, clients and employees.
Our philosophical pillars are:



To develop business freely, as there already is a premise between Prado Valladares and clients that their dreams will also be dreamt by the professionals involved in the project.



To handle the trust received with care, to act with competence and impeccable planning, respecting the laws and organizational structure.

Superação de Desafios

Overcming Challenges

To know, to practice and to develop new technologies, therefore seeking different ways to achieve results.

Satisfação do Cliente

Clients Satisfaction

Added to the previous values, here is what we have: with a lot of responsibility, ethics and professionalism we seek, we reach a higher goal. The satisfaction of our clients.
Throughout our history, we have enabled projects in broad directions: planning, building, and especially making our clients dreams, desires and goals come true with excellence.


Prado Valladares is founded in the city of Salvador, state of Bahia.


The construction of Luiza and Lourenço’s “Dream House” is finished and wins the Bienal award in Buenos Aires.


The Tropical Hotel in Manaus, state of Amazonas, is expanded.


In a partnership with Andrade Gutierrez, the Busca Vida condominium is built; an urban quality reference in the state of Bahia.


Other important projects are in progress: Financial Boulevard (approved by Norberto Odebrecht), Sister Dulce’s Memorial and the School of Arts and Crafts, all in Salvador, state of Bahia.


Prado Valladares is invited by the Government of Luanda, Angola, to develop a major project: Luanda Sul. With its success, we have established a new business area: real estate development. Therefore, not only do we accomplish design, but in the process, in full.


Prado Valladares establishes its company in Angola.


Launch of the first real estate project in Luanda, the Mirantes de Talatona condominium.


The UN awards Prado Valladares for the Luanda Sul project in the Infrastructure, Housing, Architecture and Urban Design category.


IAB (Brazilian Architects Institute) awards Prado Valladares with the Master Plan for the Busca Vida condominium, located in Camaçari, state of Bahia.


The Government of Angola orders the designs of two technical cooperation programs from Prado Valladares: one in education and one in professional training. A highly integrated work that brought new horizons to all involved.


Launched in São Paulo, Brazil, Prado Valladares’ Logistics offers import and export structured processes, providing know-how and efficiency to customize solutions for all clients and contribute to the success of operations, adding value to clients, employees and shareholders.


Prado Valladares is elected as Entrepreneur of the Year by AEBRAN (Brazilian Businesspeople Association in Angola), in the of High Impact Business category.